Stainless Steel Magnetic Sport Bracelet For Men Natural Pain Relief In Black

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Stainless Steel Magnetic Sport Bracelet For Men Natural Pain Relief In Black


BEST NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: Scientifically designed hypoallergenic silver coloured titanium magnetic bracelet to minimize multiple health conditions by increasing blood flow & circulation, while accelerating your body’s natural healing process.
THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS: The Titanium Magnetic Bracelet incorporates powerful neodymium bioenergy magnets designed to open the flow of blocked energy and aids in the detoxification of your body!
ION PLATING TREATMENT: This bracelet benefits from unique ion Plating technology resulting in a spectacular beautiful black finish that not only looks like Jewellery, but is durable and, of course, anti-allergic. This will help protect your skin from any discolouration caused by the natural chemical reaction of your skin with moisture.

The Stainless Steel bracelet will fit you perfectly! We recommend wearing it on your wrist and tight against your skin to receive the maximum amount of health benefits.

It’s made from PURE Stainless Steel and contains 34 high-powered magnets, each offering 3000 gauss in strength.

It comes in a stylish black jewellery pouch , making it an ideal gift.
You can also benefit from the pain relief that a magnetic bracelet can bring.

Free Next Day UK Delivery.

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19 reviews for Stainless Steel Magnetic Sport Bracelet For Men Natural Pain Relief In Black

  1. Jeremy Mackinnon

    Delivered on time, easy to adjust, has reduced the ache somewhat in my wrist, so very happy 😉

  2. Robert Green

    I’ve only been wearing this for a few days but I’ve already noticed reduced pain from the arthritis in my wrist. Very prompt delivery

  3. Mark Drummond

    Ordered for my father who suffers fron arthritis having used this kind of product before.
    Item arrived in excellent condition. Much better quality than expected in a good quality box. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Lesley Scott

    I have arthritis and this new bracelet has made a great difference. I feel less pain and have a little more movability in the affected parts. Will be buying another one for my other wrist. The product has a great look as well as its pain relieving properties.

  5. Stephen Ohara

    I am surprised that it works as good as stated. It is amazing it makes me hand feel so much better, and I like the whole aesthetic of it as well. Very good bracelet.

  6. Paul Currie

    Great product I had a very bad shoulder and arm I could hardly sleep for the pain, I now get a good night sleep and hardly any pain I am going to get another bracelet for my wrist on my other arm I would definitely recommend this product

  7. Stephen Hands

    Comfortable to wear and aches have eased some. Very pleased with it all around. Thank You!!

  8. Ian Croft

    Extremely happy, has helped with arthritis in fingers.

  9. Sandra Slight

    I bought this for my husband and having it for a week he says the pain which runs down his thumb has lessened so very pleased with this purchase

  10. Jonathan Jonscher

    I have brought this to see if it helped with the arthritis in my hands and arm. Only had it a few weeks and I can already feel the difference. The pain in my wrist has reduced and is more flexible. I would definitely recommend!!

  11. Peter Moses

    A really smart and comfortable to wear magnetic band. Beautifully packaged. Put a smile on my face!

  12. Zara Ackroyd

    Bought for my husband to help with the pain in his wrist. I was a sceptical but it was worth trying. After a few days he says his pain reduced and is considering playing golf again.

  13. Sarah Pakenham

    Purchased for my dad who’s been suffering with elbow and shoulder pain , to see if it would help … he said it’s definitely helped , which is great.

  14. Paul Mackenzie

    The bracelet is brilliant. The service has been excellent ,and I will definitely recommend C&S to any one. Thanks!!

  15. Neil Beare

    Outstanding service, quick delivery. Never having tried one of these I was a bit sceptical about whether it would work with my rheumatoid arthritis but after a couple of hours the stiffness in my hands started to reduce, very next morning, stiffness and inflamation had reduced by 50 to 60%.

  16. Kevin Brown

    So far, so good. This bracelet has made a difference within hours of wearing it! My stiff and clicking thumb are more flexible and my wrist is less painful now. I hope to wear this for as long as it lasts!

  17. Iain Ashdown

    Bought for a friend who has stiffness in his fingers from his work outdoors. We got it for him as my partner has one and found it very helpful. His fingers used to ‘lock’ and be painful but since wearing this bracelet he hasn’t had that happen!

  18. Patricia Coulton

    My husband benefited very much from this bracelet and wears it always.

  19. Andrew Arora

    hi was not at all convinced until i had wore this bracelet for a few days…and then suddenly became aware of feeling a great deal better pain was gone and was sleeping a great deal better than i have in a long time

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