Stainless Steel Germanium Magnetic Bracelet For Men Natural Pain Relief In Black

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Stainless Steel Germanium Magnetic Bracelet For Men Natural Pain Relief In Black


BEST NATURAL RELIEF: Scientifically designed hypoallergenic black coloured titanium magnetic bracelet can help increase blood flow & circulation, which could boost your bodies natural processes.
THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS: The Titanium Magnetic Bracelet incorporates powerful neodymium bioenergy magnets designed to open the flow of blocked energy and aids in the detoxification of your body!
ION PLATING TREATMENT: This bracelet benefits from unique ion Plating technology resulting in a spectacular beautiful black finish that not only looks like Jewellery, but is durable and, of course, anti-allergic. This will help protect your skin from any discolouration caused by the natural chemical reaction of your skin with moisture.

The stainless bracelet will fit you perfectly! We recommend wearing it on your wrist and tight against your skin to receive the maximum amount benefits.

It’s made from PURE Stainless Steel and contains 42 high-powered magnets, each offering 3000 gauss in strength.

It comes in a stylish black jewellery pouch , making it an ideal gift.
You can also benefit from the pain relief that a magnetic bracelet can bring.

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*Please note that magnetic bracelets should not be worn if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant. For any concerns please contact a medical practitioner. Magnetic Bracelets are not a medical device.

20 reviews for Stainless Steel Germanium Magnetic Bracelet For Men Natural Pain Relief In Black

  1. Krystal Drummond

    When the bracelet arrived I put it on right away. I just finished up work 14 hours and I was tired. Normally I’d have difficulty sleep, waking up every few hours. But I slept undisturbed for a good 7 hours. Let’s see how the second night works out

  2. Michelle Virner

    Great Bracelet. My husband wears one on each wrist. He says it’s helped with his pain.

  3. Alasdair Young

    I wear it daily and enjoy the look, style and its reduced the pain in my hand. To be honest I was skeptical at first but it actually works!!!

  4. Jeremy Mackinnon

    This has been a great purchase. I have worn this now nearly 24-hours a day. The black metal still looks great, all of the magnets are still there and doing their thing. I have more energy and actually sleep better at night when I wear it. I travel frequently and feel like I’m protected from harmful energy. Thank you!

  5. Stuart Newson

    Therapeutic, I guess so because it really made me feel good that I paid a reasonable for a beautiful piece of jewelry. Shiny and matted black stainless steel combined for a very unique look. Yep must be the magnetotherapy because the pain in my hands has decreased. Really looks nice, thank you.

  6. Thomas Vega

    This bracelet gives me fantastic relief from the arthritic joints in my hands and it looks good on my wrist. This works great for me and I really can’t say enough about it. 5 stars!!!

  7. William Cader

    very happy with this, looks very stylish on my wrist.

  8. Michael Fitzwilliam

    This Works. End of Story. … After seeing my personal results

  9. Kate Karlsson

    Very nice bracelet. My husband was very pleased.

  10. Conny Thompson

    Looks good. As described. Already ordered another one.

  11. Chris Stoll

    Really good quality item received. Bracelet came with a velvet bag and packaged very nicely. Was not expecting this level of quality for the price paid!

  12. robert Jackson

    Was a gift for someone, they love it and it looks cool.

  13. Geoff Jepps

    very nice bracelet with a good price and quality. Thank You!!

  14. Sandra Trimble

    My husband wears this all the time for his wrist pain. We have trouble finding these large enough for his wrists, but this one works great.

  15. John Purdie

    Love it and very good quality, fast delivery!!!

  16. Matthew Smith

    Works well and is very light weight. Got it to help a friend with some nerve damage in their hand and forearm from a car accident. Helps aliviate some of the pain that flares up.

  17. Gary Atkinson

    Been looking for a bracelet like this, nice looking band, quite decent quality too.

  18. Fred Williams

    Very nice packaging didn’t even have to adjust it so already a perk there. . It’s a stylish bracelet that does help with less fatigue and does help with my wrist pain. Great on timeframe for shipment and arrival.

  19. Niall Procter

    Item arrived and I love it. This bracelet does just what it suppose to do and now my wife wants one..

  20. Andrew Hinson

    Great bracelet and prompt delivery

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